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Mission Statement

Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School provides our Scholars with a nurturing and challenging educational experience to develop their abilities and address the health and economic disparities in our community. Upon graduation our Scholars will be prepared for the highest levels of college achievement, gainful employment as certified health care professionals, and a commitment to serve others as they pursue rewarding lives and respected careers for themselves.


  • Efficacy: the ability to produce a desired or intended result.
  • Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • Self-Reliance: reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others.
  • Healthy Communities: the responsibility of the individual to the wellbeing of others.


Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School will be the premier health science secondary school in the United States, as evidenced by graduation rates, college acceptances, and alumni employment in related fields. Scholars will graduate with specific health goals for their future lives and broaden these goals to include their loved ones.  They will demonstrate their knowledge of health care in a culminating practicum ensuring that their academic knowledge has blossomed into tangible health care skills, which includes certification as an EMT.


As a Scholar of Health Science School, I will:

  • Strive to see and understand the truth.
  • Commit to self-improvement.
  • Speak the truth, use pleasant speech, and talk only with a positive purpose.
  • Always act in a way that does not harm others.
  • Work to earn a living in a righteous way.
  • Remember that without positive effort nothing good can be achieved.
  • Be mindful. Concentrate on wholesome thoughts and actions.

3 Golden Rules:

  • Respect Yourself
  • Respect Others

Calendar Events


    Our Partnerships: Urban Health Plan (Institutional Partner)

    Metropolitan Museum of Art - Community Impact @ Columbia University - Fordham University - St. John's University - Lehman's College - Long Island University - Bronx Martial Arts Teachers/Dragons Path Academy - Bloomfield College International Teachers Program (Korea) - City College: Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education - Gateway Institute School (CUNY) - "College Now" School (Hostos Community College) - Boricua College - Teach For America - Inwood House (After School Program) - Charter School Athletic Association -
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